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Jan 6th, 2008 - Commercial Sale Of Vessel Monitoring System Is Now Available
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April 17th, 2007 - Fleet Automation Services launches Solar Powered Tracker, FAS-550, for unpowered vessels.
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March 1st 2007 - Polestar Global Appoints Fleet Automation Services as Commercial Marine Distributor in S.E.A
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Fleet Automation Services Pte Ltd (‘Fleet Automation’) is a marine automation company based in the Singapore. Since it was founded in 2003, the company has provided a high-quality range of products and services to many companies, predominantly in South-East Asia.

Fleet Automation undertook the research and development of solar powered tracking 1 year ago to deliver a product capable of ship-shore transmission successfully. Many of our clients were dealing in shipments transversing the Straits of Malacca where piracy is rampant. With the amount of piracy attacks reaching alarming levels in the Straits of Malacca that has affected many owners/charterers, it immediately became the top priority for Fleet Automation to address this issue. As no such device existed in the market then to monitor the movements of unpowered barges, Fleet Automation undertook this task of developing a product to meet this requirement for this ‘niche’ market and subsequently developed ‘BargeTrak’.

Today, Fleet Automation is able to track vessels, both powered tugs and unpowered barges, at any point throughout the world. Clients can now rely on our ‘BargeTrak’ device such as this to track their barges. This device operates very well in tropical areas such as Singapore where sunlight is abundant. More often than not, this device serves more than just a safety ‘anti-piracy’ device but also as a device to advice owners of vessel operational data such as speed, proximity and weather conditions in an almost real-time user interface, which would assist owners in their operations as well.



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